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    Farewell to our Year 12s

    Article by Mr Joe McLean

    Saint Ignatius College syas farewell to our Year 12 students. 

    On Thursday 17th of October, the Year 12 Students, their parents, family members and staff came together to farewell the Class of 2019 at the Valete Mass. As a very important and special occasion for all involved and most importantly the Year 12 Students, they were presented with a gift. This gift was a book called “Finding Gods Traces” and is presented to the graduating students from Jesuit Colleges.

    The whole school gathered on Monday 21st of October to farewell our Year 12 students.  They were the last to enter the gym and were enthusiastically and respectfully welcomed by the school community, who were already seated.

    During the assembly, the College Captains Madeleine Crothers and Samuel Salisbury spoke on behalf of the Year 12 cohort. As part of their farewell, the current College Captains lit the leadership candles and gave them to the incoming College Captains for 2020.

    A video was shown of the varied activities of the Year 12 students during the year and there were a number of special performances by the VCE Performing Arts students. Fr. James Puppady gave his farewell blessing to all the Year 12 students and provided a meaningful reflection to all.

    On Tuesday 22nd October was Year 12 Celebration Day, where the students enjoyed a range of organized activities, had their final Year 12 assembly and a celebratory luncheon with their parents and staff.

    The day was celebrated in a positive and fun way and I congratulate the Class of 2019 on the overall way they have respectfully and appropriately approached their final days of scheduled classes.

    We would like to congratulate and thank all the Year 12 students for their efforts, respectful nature, contributions and achievements during their time at Saint Ignatius College. The values learned at Saint Ignatius College have helped shaped our Year 12 students to act as agents of change in our communities and to continue to strive towards personal growth in order to help others.

    On behalf of the school community we wish them all the best.

    Thank you to the Senior School team of teachers for their support and help during the final weeks of the Year 12 students.

    Joe McLean  Year 12 Coordinator




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