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    Students Vs Teachers debate

    Article by Ms Andrea Dart

    Students Vs Teachers Debate

    Many senior students and staff gathered at lunchtime on Wednesday 9th October for the very first Students Vs Teachers Debate at SICG. Ms Adams chaired the debate and set the tone for the occasion, ensuring that a positive atmosphere prevailed and there was plenty of good spirit throughout the proceedings. 

    Students took the affirmative position with the topic being “That school uniforms should be compulsory for students”. Represented by William Palmer, Noah Gullan, William Bothe, and Joshua James, they presented some compelling and very entertaining arguments. They focused on the value and pursuit of equality and how students feel when wearing a uniform, even suggesting that uniforms make students smarter. Taking the negative position, the teachers were represented by Ms Walker, Ms Falconer, Ms Viljoen, and Mr Tod. Most of their arguments centred on the importance of developing and celebrating individuality and the value of time spent focused on learning rather than on non-compliant socks. 

    The speeches were fun and entertaining for everyone and the audience enjoyed the witty, sparkling rebuttal as well as some of the “research” that was offered as evidence.

    Adjudicators Madeleine Crothers and Ms Dart awarded the debate to the teachers and the students respectively, with William Bothe and Ms Falconer awarded the honours as best speakers.

    Thank you to all of the students and teachers for their participation. We look forward to more of the fun and great spirit that was evident at the next Students Vs Teachers Debate.

    Ms Dart  (Senior Debating Co-ordinator)

    The debate was really entertaining, there was a lot of excitement in the room from the students who were supporting their peers and teachers. Overall, it was extremely funny as well as persuasive. Both sides to the debate had good counter arguments and included everyone. It was good how both the teachers and students were involved. 

    Emily Henry  Year 11


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