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    Class of 2014 5 Year Reunion

    Article by Mrs. Claire Hewitt

    Class of 2014 5-Year Reunion.

    A fabulous reunion was held last Friday 6th September at the Geelong Hotel which was all decked out with blue, red and white balloons, the proud alumni banner and some memorabilia of the year much of which was provided by the teachers.
    Lots of reminiscing, catching up and re-connecting while the 2014 Year 12 video was playing in the background much to the fascination and enjoyment of all.
    A number of the cohort are still studying and the others now fully immersed in their careers.
    Teachers as well enjoyed hearing all about what’s been happening with everyone in the past 5 years.
    Molly Cathcart, College Co-captain and now year level Rep is to be congratulated on her organisation and communication with everyone leading to really good attendance.
    A number of the cohort are now interested in being  part of the new Alumni association which will enable the Class of 2014 to continue to be well-connected to each other and the College.

    Can’t wait for the whole year Class of 2014 catch up again at 10-year reunion in 2024!

    Mrs. Claire Hewitt
    Saint Ignatius College Development Manager

    Also in this Edition