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    Year 12 News

    Article by Mr Joe McLean

    From the Year 12 Coordinator

    The end of Year 12 formal classes is fast approaching.  This is an exciting time for students but it is also very important to keep in mind that the key focus at this time should be on preparing for final examinations, apprenticeships, further education or other pathway options.

    This news item includes reminders for upcoming events and expectations for Year 12 students. All Year 12 parents/guardians are invited to attend parent/ teacher/ student conferences which are being held on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th September. Some teachers may request to see Year 12 students if they are concerned about their academic progress or as follow up from early Term 3 conferences.

    During the second week of the September/ October holidays, Unit 3 & 4 students will be sitting practice examinations under VCAA conditions. This is a very important part of the process in preparing for peak performance in final examinations.  It is understood that students are not at their peak at this time and that the process can be reasonably stressful.  These examinations are compulsory for all students completing exams as they provide valauble feedback for our unit 3 & 4 students. 

    Students should not dwell on the result of the practice examinations but use them as an indication of where study should be focused in the upcoming weeks. It may be that students need to spend extra time on a particular topic or parts of several topics.  Students may need to focus efforts on a particular style of question.

    All Year 12 subject teachers continue to offer ongoing support, guidance and expertise for your son/daughter as they strive to do their very best.  Students can make a significant difference to their final result between now and the final examinations.

    For students who are still unsure about their career pathway, please formulate a meeting time with Mr. Bruce Connor. The aim of these meetings is to confirm a suitable pathway and investigate a range of options post secondary school. These interviews need to be booked with Mr Bruce Connor via email contact: 

    Mr. Joe McLean  Year 12 Coordinator

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