About Us

College Vision & Mission

At Saint Ignatius College our purpose is to form young people of competence, conscience and compassion.

Mission Statement

Saint Ignatius College is a Catholic community in the Ignatian tradition that is learning-centred and supportive.

The College is committed to the education of the whole person and the development of young adults of competence, conscience and compassion who will be of service in the community.

We strive to recognise God’s presence in all things, to celebrate the pursuit of personal excellence and to live with hope and respect for all creation.

Striving for the Magis

Ignatius in his writings calls us to strive for the 'Magis' - 'the more'. The more is a key to making choices among competing values. The entire life of Ignatius Loyola was a search for the Magis – that is, the more universal good, the more effective means, the more generous service of others, and the ever greater glory of God. Magis energises us for action.

At Saint Ignatius College we will:

  • Provide opportunities for students, staff, parents and alumni to experience a sense of belonging to a faith-filled Christian community and to commit themselves to being of service to others
  • Respect the role of parents as the primary educators of their children
  • Be enthusiastic in imparting knowledge of Catholic faith and traditions, enabling students to accept truth freely and develop a Christian moral conscience

  • Promote growth and improvement in learning and living for the greater glory of God in the Ignatian way
  • Support students in striving for their personal best - the Magis - in all their endeavours.


Saint Ignatius College Geelong supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy.

The College abides by the The Education and Training Reform Act 2006, and deliver our programs and teaching in a manner that supports and promotes the principals and practice of Australian democracy.

Click here to read our School Governance Standards and view the Values for Australian Schooling.

Association of the Canonical Administrators

Click here for the current list of Members of the Canonical Administrators 2021.

  • College Board

    The College Board

    The Board is the governing body responsible for the management of the College according to the Constitution of the College and approved by the Archbishop.

    The Canonical Administrators (Parish Priests of the Member Parishes) and the Australian Jesuits established a relationship between Saint Ignatius College Geelong and Xavier College on behalf of the Australian Jesuit Province in November 2006 making Saint Ignatius College Geelong a “Jesuit Partner School.”

    As a Jesuit Partner School, Saint Ignatius College aims to focus and foster its Catholic identity and strengthen its educational mission and sees that adopting Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy will provide a means to achieving this goal. While the partnership does not disturb the governance arrangements of each school, collaboration is expected on ethos and curriculum development.

    To strengthen the partnership, the Canonical Administrators welcome representation on the Saint Ignatius College Geelong Board from the Australian Jesuits and Xavier College.

    Membership of the Board

    The Association of Canonical Administrators will appoint a Chairperson. Salaried Officers of the College, ex-officio members and co-opted members shall not be eligible for the office of Chairperson.

    Ordinary members

    Other members, nominated by the Board for specific purposes, and approved by the Canonical Administrators.

    • The Ex-officio members are:
    • The President (and one other member) of the Association of Canonical Administrators
    • The Principal, who shall be the Executive Officer of the Board
    • A nominee of the Xavier College Board
    • A nominee of the Jesuit Congregation
    • The Chairperson of the College Parents’ Association

    Co-opted members

    • The Deputy Principal of the College
    • The College Business Manager
    • The Executive of the Board
    • The Board Executive shall consist of:
    • The Chairperson
    • The Principal (Executive Officer)
    • One Ordinary Member, elected from Board members
    • The President (or his nominee) of the Canonical Administrators
    • The Board Coordinator

    Saint Ignatius College Board Members

  • Annual Report

    Annual report

    Saint Ignatius College fosters a journey of development of the whole student - academically, physically, socially, culturally and spiritually all within a challenging, motivating and supportive environment.

    Our college is committed to sharing information with parents and the broader community about our school programs, activities, plans and achievements.

    This information is made available in a variety of ways, including our weekly newsletter, College annual magazine “Magis”, reports to Board and Parents and Friends’ Association, Parent Information Evenings, Student Reports, Parent-Teacher-Student meetings, College website and College assemblies.

    Federal and State Governments now require all Catholic schools to report on school performance information to parents. Accordingly, our Annual Report covers the specific areas of school life that we must report to the community. As such, this Annual Report provides only part of the total picture of achievement by individuals and groups within our college community.

    Saint Ignatius College Geelong remains committed to fulfilling both our Vision and Mission Statements and to an attitude of continuous improvement.

    Our Annual Report covers:

    • Professional Engagement
    • Key Student Outcomes

    The College welcomes feedback from our parents, students and staff at any time. Comments in response to this report are similarly invited.

    You can download a copy of the 2019 Annual Report by clicking the link below: