Location & Facilities

Located just a short drive from Geelong, Saint Ignatius College is set in rural hinter land of the Bellarine Peninusla giving it a unique aspect.

The College has undergone a dynamic building program since its establishment and boasts some of the most advance buildings of any school in the Geelong area and building continues with a new Year 9 building and Gymnasium slated for construction in 2018 - 2019.

  • New Year 9 Centre and Gymnasium

    New Year 9 Learning Centre and Multi-purpose Centre

    The New Year 9 learning Centre

    Always in pursuit of best practice in teaching and learning, Saint Ignatius College continually reflects, evaluates and refines all academic and co-curricular programs.

    Given this understanding, Saint Ignatius College is proud of the many additions which include the Xavier Centre which is adjacent to the impressive and extensively-used Drysdale Catholic Church.

    This centre is a precinct for Years 7 and 8 students comprising 22 classrooms, numerous staffrooms, presentation rooms and outdoor areas.
    In addition, and completed in 2020, is the dynamic Year 9 Learning Centre accommodating students in a separate precinct providing programs, facilities and outdoor areas unique to that level.

    The New Multi-purpose Centre

    In addition, and completed in 2020, is the indoor double-court multi-purpose complex having many uses including a space for the school population of over 1300 students to gather together as a whole school.

  • Loyola Centre

    Loyola Centre

    Much-anticipated is the construction of a new Loyola Centre (Student, Staff and Administration services) to be completed during 2020/2021 and plans are underway for an expansion of the Senior School.