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Located just a short drive from Geelong, Saint Ignatius College is set in rural hinter land of the Bellarine Peninusla giving it a unique aspect.

The College has undergone a dynamic building program since its establishment and boasts some of the most advance buildings of any school in the Geelong area and building continues with a new Year 9 building and Gymnasium slated for construction in 2018 - 2019.

  • New Year 9 Centre and Gymnasium

    New Year 9 Learning Centre and Multi-purpose Centre

    The New Year 9 learning Centre

    Always in pursuit of best practice in teaching and learning, Saint Ignatius College continually reflects, evaluates and refines all academic and co-curricular programs.

    Given this understanding, Saint Ignatius College is proud of the many additions which include the Xavier Centre which is adjacent to the impressive and extensively-used Drysdale Catholic Church.

    This centre is a precinct for Years 7 and 8 students comprising 22 classrooms, numerous staffrooms, presentation rooms and outdoor areas.
    In addition, and completed in 2020, is the dynamic Year 9 Learning Centre accommodating students in a separate precinct providing programs, facilities and outdoor areas unique to that level.

    The New Multi-purpose Centre

    In addition, and completed in 2020, is the indoor double-court multi-purpose complex having many uses including a space for the school population of over 1300 students to gather together as a whole school.

  • Loyola Centre

    Loyola Centre

    Much-anticipated is the construction of a new Loyola Centre (Student, Staff and Administration services) to be completed during 2020/2021 and plans are underway for an expansion of the Senior School.

  • Drysdale Bypass Updates

    Drysdale Bypass Updates

    Update: 22nd May 2020

    Please see update below from Major Road Projects regarding the Drysdale Bypass. It is appear they are on track to open earlier than the planned Sept date.

    We’ve been making great progress on the Drysdale Bypass and you will see a few changes since you were last at school.

    A few updates on drop off and pick up zones:

    - Gillies Road is now closed, until the Bypass open in the coming weeks

    - Parking bays along Andersons Road are under construction, with sealing works scheduled for the week commencing 25 May 2020. This type of work is highly weather dependant, we will keep you updated on how this work progresses.

    - Until we’re able to complete the sealing work on the parking bays, parking on Andersons Road is not encouraged. Please use Peninsula Drive and Reserve Road during this time.

    - The underpass on Andersons Road is now open to pedestrians, please take note of the safety requirements when moving through the area

    - We thank you for your patience as we complete this important project.


    A major infrastructure project of 6 km of new road being completed in 2020 in order to ease congestion and increase safety within and onto the Bellarine Peninsula.

    Important to Major Roads Project, Victoria was a Cultural heritage salvage and understanding of the significance of the area prior to construction of the bypass, and for the first time they involved students in the salvage, including those from Saint Ignatius.


    View Drysdale kids amazing dig: Tools used for hunting, cutting and scraping were just some of the unique Aboriginal artefacts found by 500 students from four schools in Drysdale.

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