The notion of working together through sport and reinforcing the themes of teamwork, enthusiasm, humility, fair-mindedness and competitiveness is seen as a key strategy. In sport we emphasize that our games are played with other teams to promote the development of good relations amongst all schools and especially amongst the students.

Students are supported in striving for their personal best - the Magis - in all their endeavours.

The school’s sports policy is intended to:

  • assist each student’s growth through the discovery of their personal talents.
  • Encourage students to contribute to the school community
  • Facilitate staff/student relationship in an area other than the classroom

In this spirit the co-curriculum area of sport provides the school with opportunities to foster community involvement of students, parents and staff. Sport provides opportunities for students, parents and staff to experience a sense of belonging to a faith-filled Christian community.

  • Sports Update

    The 2020 sporting year started like no other

    Swimming, surf league, cricket and tennis were in full swing. The College had just held another successful House Swimming Carnival in Geelong.

    12th March is a date in 2020 that will always remain as the last organised sport competition event before our world changed. It was the GISSA Swimming championship at Kardinia Pool Geelong.

    The 2020 sport calendar was filled with sporting opportunities across 24 different sports from March to October. However, little did we know that the next sporting event would not occur until Wednesday 4th November.

    This video reminds us what we did achieve in 2020 as well as what we missed doing.

    Bring on 2021!!!

  • House Sports

    House Sport

    When each student enters Saint Ignatius College he or she is assigned to a house. One of the principal aims of the House Teams is to give the students a sense of belonging and identity in a smaller group, while providing them with the opportunity to develop a sense of loyalty, leadership and responsibility.

    The Houses are divided into four teams and are named after some of Australia’s finest pioneering athletes.

    Bradman (Green).

    Named after Sir Donald Bradman. Acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time.

    Elliot (Yellow).

    Named after Herbert Elliot. One of the world's greatest middle distance runners.

    Fraser (Blue).

    Named after Dawn Fraser. A multi-Olympic and Commonwealth Games Gold Medal winner whose success stretched over fifteen magnificent years.

    Cuthbert (Red).

    Named after Betty Cuthbert. The highest number of gold medals won by any Australian in track and field at an Olympics.

    There are three (3) major House Sport carnivals held each year and all students are expected to attend these whole school events:

    House Swimming Carnival
    House Cross Country
    House Athletics

    There are also a number of minor carnivals held throughout the year, which still earn valuable points for the ‘overall house supremacy’ cup winner. The sought after trophy is awarded to the winning house captains at our end of year celebration. Other House competitions include:

    Netball, Basketball, Chess, Soccer, Tug ‘o’ War, Table, Tennis, Hockey

  • Sports Program

    Sports Program

    Middle School Sporting Program (Years 7 & 8)

    All students in the Middle School have the opportunity to represent the school in interschool sport against other GISSA (Geelong Independent Secondary School Association) schools. During Term Two and Term Four, competition days are mostly on a Wednesday afternoon. Training for these competitions take place at selected lunch times. There are also other competitions that teams are organized for, which are played against other independent schools across the region.

    Year 7 & 8 Sport Options
    Summer: Swimming, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Diving, Golf, Hockey, Surf League
    Winter: Football, Soccer, Netball, Track & Field, Cross Country, Basketball, Hockey, Surfing, Basketball

    Senior Years Sporting Program (Years 9-12)

    All students in Years 9-12 have the opportunity to represent the school in a wide variety of activities.

    Year 9-12 Sport Options
    Summer: Swimming, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Diving, Golf, Hockey, Surf Life Saving (Surf League)
    Winter: Football, Soccer, Netball, Track & Field, Cross Country, Basketball, Hockey, Surfing, Basketball