A Jesuit Companion School - Belonging to a Tradition

Who are the Jesuits?

The Society of Jesus is an apostolic body of men of the Catholic Church, animated by a deep personal love of Jesus Christ, who as contemplatives in action and in partnership with others, are men on mission, ever searching for the 'magis'.

The Jesuits are men who belong to a Catholic religious order called the Society of Jesus. This group was founded by St. lgnatius of Loyola over 450 years ago. Over this period, Jesuit priests and brothers have lived an amazing story of serving the Church in new and unexpected ways. "We are still men on the move, ready to change place, occupation, method-- whatever will advance our mission in the Church".

They are expected to do anything or go anywhere to teach Jesus Christ and preach his Good News. Jesuits may be found working as lawyers, doctors, psychologists counselors, writers, journalists, theologians, philosophers, researchers and scientists.

Their mission is everywhere and always the promotion of faith in Jesus Christ and the justice demanded by that faith. Today, the mission has expanded to include men and women who share this vision of service to faith and to the justice that faith demands.

Together Jesuits and lay partners place themselves in the presence of God and ask themselves the questions that St. lgnatius suggested to his first companions during the period of prayer that led to their permanent companionship: What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? What will I do for Christ?

Jesuits motto

“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” For the Greater Glory of God

Saint Ignatius College Geelong motto
“Amare Et Servire” To Love and To Serve