At Saint Ignatius College, students across the year levels participate in curriculum-based Outdoor Education programs and they can take the opportunity to participate in a number of other outdoor co-curricular activities.

All these programs promote active learning through direct personal experience, and whilst offering excitement, fun and adventure, provide challenging experiences, which impact powerfully upon a young person’s development.

These programs are designed to promote the development of communication, problem solving and decision making skills. Horizons are broadened, new challenges embraced, and perseverance and determination are reinforced. The values and attitudes developed from shared endeavour help form a sound basis for responsible citizenship. Sensitivity to the environment is fostered, for young people to see themselves in a global context with an awareness of the need for sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.

Students can build self-confidence and self-esteem, develop a positive attitude to learning, an awareness of the needs and contributions of others, the ability to sustain effective relationships, the adaptability to cope with a rapidly changing world of work and the responsibility to be an effective member of a community.

  • Language Based Immersions

    Language Based Immersions

    Language study tours run every two years to students studying Italian or Indonesian in Years 10 or 11, and provide a huge variety of experiences for students. Students have the opportunity to build their language skills in real-life contexts, helping to develop a sense of balance, compassion and global awareness.


    Indonesian students visit different areas of the country, allowing them to compare and contrast some of Indonesia’s diverse cultures. Experiences have included:

    • Artistic, musical and handicraft workshops
    • Visiting ancient religious complexes including Borobudur (a UNESCO-listed 8th century Buddhist temple)
    • Exploring the area around Sumatra’s Lake Toba
    • Jungle trekking in search of orangutans in the Bukit Lawang national park


    Italian students extensively explore Italy, practising their language skills and learning more about Italy’s rich culture, history, artwork, buildings and countryside. The tour has a strong cultural tone, and our students are able to visit sites related to our Jesuit tradition while also. Destinations include:

    • Rome, with visits to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Vatican
    • The historic ruins of Pompeii
    • The architecture and artistic centres of Florence, Pisa and Siena
    • Venice, with its ageless bridges and villas
    • Homestay and school visit in or near Florence
  • World Challenge Based Programs

    World Challenge Based Programs

    World Challenge is the original school expedition company providing overseas educational expeditions to school and college groups. Our expeditions teach life skills and expand minds outside the classroom.

    Students and teachers benefit from a level of expedition safety and service second to none and bespoke expeditions to over 50 destinations in Africa, Asia, South East Asia, Pacific, South America and Central America which guarantee an amazing adventure!

    Students and Teachers from Saint Ignatius College, Geelong have travelled to Thailand & Cambodia, India, Tanzania, Ecuador, Morocco and most recently China with World Challenge. We are currently planning for out next expedition which will launch to the students in mid 2018 and depart November 2019.

    We offer the World Challenge expedition to Year 9 / 10 students who are then in Year 10 / 11 when they travel.

  • Red Earth Cape York Immersion

    Red Earth Cape York Immersion

    Year 9 students travel to remote Indigenous homelands in Cape York to stay with Traditional Owners and Elders on Country, learning about the language, culture, land, and history from the custodians of the oldest living culture in the world.

    The group will stay on privately-held Indigenous land not accessible outside of this setting to experience the natural beauty of the Daintree Rainforest, and connect with the rich culture of the Indigenous people who call it home.

    Students will have the chance to connect with Elders and Traditional owners by partaking in cultural activities such as visiting sacred sites, learning how to paint, playing with young Indigenous children, foraging for their own bush tucker, cooling down in pristine swimming holes, and contributing to small sustainability-focused community projects. To cap off the experience, they will spend a day snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef and reflecting on their immersion before returning to Melbourne.

    Every student comes back changed from this meaningful experience, with a deeper understanding of life in remote Indigenous communities, and as an ambassador for reconciliation.

  • Timor Leste Immersion

    Timor Leste Immersion

    Jesuit Immersion programs to East Timor

    In recent years some students and staff have visited there each year to develop relationships with people in other cultures, develop an appreciation of the richness of other cultures and leading participants to appreciate the need for international communities to support each other.

    Saint Ignatius College sends two students to the annual Jesuit Province East TImor Immersion held in the last week of Term 2 and the first week of the holidays. They join a team of 14 other students from Jesuit schools around Australia.