College Production 2021: 'Wicked'



The College production for 2021 is 'Wicked' - the untold story of the witches of Oz.

Performances were held December 9th and 10th at Costa Hall and we congratulate our wonderful cast and crew for their performance last week which were fondly described as "the emergence of a super new force in Geelong’s musical theatre." 

The size of a production such as Wicked can never be underestimated and we would like to once again acknowledge the expertise and guidance of our Production Team in making this such a positively emerald and thrillifying experience for all of the wonderful young people, of whom we have had the pleasure of working with everyday throughout this process. 

We would also like to extend this thanks to all members of our College Community and staff at Saint Ignatius who contributed to this thrillifuying finish to 2021.

Please enjoy the following photo gallery highlighting the 'Wicked' production.