Student Leadership within the College



Student Leadership within the College

“The College is committed to the education of the whole person and the development of young adults of competence, conscience and compassion who will be of service in the community.”

(Extract from SICG Mission statement)

At Saint Ignatius College curricular and co-curricular programs have been developed which enable our students to reach their full potential, and make decisions and take action that will contribute good to our lives and the world around us.

We believe that the Servant leadership model of leadership is fundamental to an Ignatian school.

“The Gospel tradition plainly indicates that the most distinctive aspect of Jesus’s teaching on leadership is his emphasis that a leader is essentially a servant.”
(Lavery & Hine, 2013)

Our vision is that students will value leadership through service and advocate for others, particularly those most in need. This will work to build a just society where all people can live to their full potential. Students will confidently and courageously make choices that reflect servant leadership throughout their lives.

Saint Ignatius College will provide opportunities for students to:

  • develop leadership skills and experience leadership in a variety of contexts.
  • understand the concept of servant leadership and to put this into practice.

The school will encourage such leadership through service in the wider community during, and after, their school years.

Leadership opportunities abound in all subject areas and co-curricular activities both in the large and obvious, and in the small and unseen. Whether it be as captain of a representative team or group, helping a younger student to read, encouraging others, quietly reflecting, supporting a justice event or activity, supporting the year level SRC representative, encouraging others to speak up, allowing others to make good decisions by positive role modeling, volunteering to help other students at lunchtime, assisting a student in class, organizing lunchtime activities, applying for a formal leadership position, questioning the status quo, searching for the greater good, volunteering to coach a team, standing up for what is right or in taking the time to make the best decision.

Opportunities to show leadership are only restricted by our thoughts and consideration.

Our student leadership motto is:

St Ignatius. Inspiring me to be a leader.


Student leadership activities:

Participation in:

  • Leadership Seminar for all College leaders and class captains.
  • Leadership Seminar for student leaders in Ignatian Colleges.
  • Regular meetings of student leaders

Exploring the Spirituality of living Justly with Competence, Conscience and Compassion

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Year 11 “Manresa” Retreats
Year 12 Three day Retreat

East Timor Immersion

  • Two Year 11 students recently spent ten days in East Timor with students from other Jesuit and Jesuit Partner schools