21 February 2019

Caritas Just Leadership Day

Article by Ms Alicia Deak

Caritas Just Leadership Day

On Thursday 14th February Isabella Harry, Isabel Kincaid, Elyssa Winter, Madeleine Crothers, Samuel Salisbury, Heidi Bakker, William Palmer and Milly Stannard attended the Caritas Just Leadership Day hosted by Sacred Heart College.

Students from the four Geelong Catholic secondary schools and Trinity College Colac participated in the day run by Caritas that explored social justice issues, in particular inequality and inequity, that Caritas and other Catholic organisations are addressing through their projects.

One highlight of the day was playing ‘Unfair Monopoly’ where the students were given a profile according to the world’s population if the world were 10 people. Each profile impacted their ability to access to money and purchase properties simulating the reality of the unequal distribution of wealth in our world today.

With an overarching theme of leadership through service, the day facilitated the development of leadership skills and skills required to organise fundraising campaigns in a school environment.

Ms Alicia Deak Justice and Service Coordinator