28 March 2024

From the Principal

Article by Mr. Michael Exton | Principal

From the Principal

Dear Parents & Carers,

Finish up to Term One

It is hard to believe we have arrived at the end of term one!

As we come to the end of the first term here at Saint Ignatius, we reflect on the many accomplishments, growth, and memories that have shaped these past couple of months. With each new term comes the promise of new experiences, new friendships, and new discoveries. Overall, we have commenced the academic year well. It has been a very busy and vibrant term for our faith and learning community.

Competence is a key value of an Ignatian education. I commend all students who have embraced the opportunity a new year brings to improve their academic achievement by their commitment to a positive attitude and diligent approach to their studies.

We understand the importance of fostering a sense of belonging, connection and empathy within our community. This term, our students have come together to support one another through acts of kindness, friendship, and inclusivity. Whether it was participating in charitable initiatives, such as Caritas’ “Project Compassion,” volunteering their time for worthy causes, participating in the “Harmony Day” activities or “Clean Up Australian Day,” helping out with our “International Women’s Day” or “Easter Egg Hunt” events or simply lending a helping hand to a peer in need, our students have exemplified the spirit of compassion and community.

Many of our students have been involved in Sports and the Performing Arts. In the sporting arenas, cricket, swimming, surfing and basketball, among other sports, have featured. We have witnessed a number of impressive musical and choral performances. And, I received very positive feedback about our Year 12 students’ enthusiastic participation in the Year 12 Retreat at Dromana.

Parent engagement in student learning

As you are aware, we conducted Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences via Zoom last Thursday and again on Wednesday this week. There was a very good level of participation, which was very pleasing. This supports a strong learning culture at our College, which enhances our students’ learning outcomes. I trust this feedback and opportunity for conversation about improving student learning have set the scene for a productive term two. As is our practice, summative reports will be available for Semester One at the end of next term.

Best wishes for a happy & holy Easter

On Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday, the commencement of Holy Week. This special week is the final one in our journey through Lent. It is especially significant and sacred as it calls to mind for Christians the last week of Jesus’ life in preparation for his death and most significantly his resurrection.

On Wednesday, we gathered the whole school together to reflect on this special week and help prepare our students for the celebration of Easter.

Holy Week, and indeed all other events and seasons in the Church’s year, are a lead-up to the most important celebration of the year and at the very heart of our Christian beliefs, Easter.

Easter is the high point of the Christian year – the most important of our celebrations. Please consider taking your family to one of the many Church services over the Easter break to support your daughter/son’s faith development.

I wish everyone a very enjoyable Easter and I hope all students have a restful break with some time spent revising work and preparing for next term included.

Uniform Term Two

Please note that all students are required to wear full winter uniform for terms two and three. As there may be some hot days early next term, students may wear summer uniforms on any warm days up to Anzac Day with the blazer.

Please check the Student Planner for details about what can and cannot be worn. Please note that the summer shirt with logo is not to be worn as part of the winter uniform as it is not made to be worn with a tie. The College uniform long-sleeve shirt is to be worn with a tie and is compulsory with the winter uniform for boys and girls. Also, the new kilt must be worn no longer than mid-calf with navy blue tights or stockings.

Staff changes

Best wishes to three of our Performing Arts Teachers who will be taking leave during Term Two as follows:

Mrs Linda Pape – all term (replaced by Ms Anne Bourke)

Mr Michael Wilding – first two weeks (replaced by Ms Anne Bourke)

Mr Tyran Dillion – first six weeks (replaced by Ms Dianne Rufus)

Term Two

Please note that the first day of classes for term two will be Tuesday 16th April 2024. Monday 15th April 2024 will be a teacher inservice day.

Happy Easter everyone and best wishes for the Term One holidays,

Michael Exton | Principal