16 December 2021

From the Principal

Article by Mr Michael Exton

From the Principal

Dear Saint Ignatius College Geelong community members,

Well done to our Year 12 VCE and VCAL students

Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students on their achievements. The final two years of their secondary school journey have been like no other due to the pandemic. Well done to them all for navigating such uncertain and challenging times. Hopefully, they have developed flexibility, adaptability and perseverance due to moving to and from remote learning. 

Consequently, they have built resilience, improved their ability to use technology to aid learning and are in better stead for managing the varied and changing post-secondary pathways. Furthermore, the holistic education our College provides, together with the love and support of their families, will have shaped our fine young women and men and better prepared them for life after Year 12.

Today, our Unit 3/4 VCE students received their results from VCAA. I am very pleased to inform you that the College’s overall results show an increase compared to previous years in a number of key statistics:
Median score = 31
Percentage score over 40 = 6.9%
Percentage ATAR over 90 = 10.1%
A score of 50 for Psychology = Audrey Hughan

On behalf of our college community, I extend my congratulations to the following students who achieved at a very high level:

Congratulations to the 2021 College Dux, Bailey White (ATAR = 95.65)

Name and ATAR
Emily Allan
Imana Leonard
Mollie Hill
Tatum Wootton
Cassandra Howells
Abbey Page
Charli Nisbet
Molly Maclean
Florence Noble
Tess Craven
Abbey Stanic
Dana Campbell
Angus McWaters
Coco Bullock
Bailey White

In her newsletter article, Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning), Ms Bernadette Donnelly, has provided more information about our VCE results.

New Loyola Centre open!

We are so grateful for our new student, staff and administration facility. During the past week, the usual end of year busyness at Saint Ignatius has been increased with the added work of moving into our fantastic new building. Our staff have done a tremendous job managing the upheaval.

The new Loyola Centre is a significant hub for day to day school life. This impressive building is located centrally and is a prominent landmark from most directions. As well as being an important symbol, the gold cross on a white background on the top of the facility serves as a way-finder. So, next time you visit our College, please look for this cross to navigate your way to the office reception. You will need to walk down the roadway past the Food Technology Centre from the carpark to reach the office.

The ‘old’ administration buildings are currently being dismantled. We will relocate the old staffroom to our performing arts area to provide additional space for music classes. The other buildings will be moved to another school where they will be refurbished as classrooms.

The official opening of this magnificent new centre will be held next year. I will inform our school community via the newsletter about the arrangements.

Wicked – wow!

Our College production of “Wicked” was a great success. It was an excellent way for our school community to finish the year on such a high note. I have received so many expressions of congratulations and praise for all involved in this significant undertaking. I was so proud of all students involved, as I’m sure their parents were. Well done to all students in the cast or crew!

Due to the pandemic, it was a gamble on several levels to reschedule the show for early December from August. However, it is a credit to the hardworking production team and the students who delivered the performances to an excellent standard, keeping in mind this was a school production. While we were amazed and entertained by our talented students and the 20-piece orchestra on the night, the production involved over a year of preparation. I congratulate the Production Team on what they achieved:

Ms Marina Brown – Producer

Ms Rhea Green – Director

Mrs Linda Pape – Musical Director

Mr Michael Wilding – Conductor

Ms Samantha Windmill – Assistant Producer

Mr Xavier McGettigan – Choreographer

Mr Attel Martschinke – Production Manager

Ms Kerry Horbowsky & Ms Christine Johnston – Costumes

Ms Alex Simpson & Ms Laura Taylor-Payne – Hair & make-up

Ms Brown provides further details about the production in her article in this newsletter.

College parent volunteers – thank you!

The Parents and Friends Association comprises a very generous and hardworking team of parents. Their work improves our College for all students. I was happy to attend the PFA’s end of year dinner on Tuesday evening with our Development Manager, Ms Elana Cole. On behalf of the College community, I express our gratitude to this committed group of parents for contributing to our College community during 2021.

In particular, I thank this year’s office bearers:

President: Leanne Riley

Secretary: Nicole Sadler

Treasurer: Peter McInerney

Board Rep.: Bernard Lewis

Uniform Shop Coord. Kate Callaghan

We also rely on many, many parent volunteers to provide valuable services to enhance our College – canteen helpers, uniform shop, Time and Space programs and school event helpers, to mention a few. Thank you to them all.

Farewell & thank you

Since the previous newsletter, I have received notice that another two staff members will be leaving.

Our Communications Officer, Mr Tony Berryman-Long, has announced that he will be retiring early in the new year. 

Mr Berryman-Long has been a member of staff for nearly ten years. During that time, he has organised our publications (Fortnightly newsletters and annual Magis magazine), worked on the development of and managed our College website, managed our College image bank, designed and managed graphics for publications, advertisements and signs and our brand style guide, among many other duties. 

On behalf of our College community, I thank Mr Berryman-Long for his contribution to the development of the College and wish him all the best for retirement.

Ms Jessica Miller has informed me that she will not be returning next year. I thank her for her contribution to teaching Science, RE & Environmental Science and wish her all the best for her future.

College calendar

An overview of some key dates:

  • The College office will close on Friday 17th December and re-open on Monday 17th January 2022. (Textbooks ordered through ‘Campion’ will be home delivered before Christmas. Years 7 & 10 students will be provided with their new laptop in a Homeroom period early in the first week back next year.)
  • Next year's first day of classes for Yrs 7 & 12 students will be Tuesday 1st February, and Yrs 8 – 11 students will commence on Wednesday 2nd February 2022.
  • Friday 4th February - Full School Assembly (9 am, Parents invited)
  • Monday 7th February - Beginning of Year Mass (11 am, Parents invited)
  • Monday 7th February - Yr 7 Welcome Mass (6:30 pm, families attend)
  • Wednesday 9th February - Student photos
  • Monday 21st February – Yr 7 meet & greet picnic (6:00 pm at the College)
  • Thursday 24th February - House Swimming Carnival (Kardinia Pool, all Yrs 7 & 8 students plus nominated Yrs 9 – 12 students, parents invited)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

As the academic year draws to a close, I want to express my gratitude to all parents for your support of the College community. This has been another very challenging year for everyone, with the effects of the pandemic continuing. I thank all families for your ongoing support of the College as we worked together to ensure our students’ learning continuity and wellbeing. 

I would also like to express my appreciation for the outstanding hard work, professionalism and dedication of our staff at the College during another year of disruptions, uncertainties and challenges.

As this is the year's last newsletter, I wish all families a very happy and holy Christmas and a safe and restful holiday break on behalf of the College. We look forward to our students returning in 2022.

Thank you & best wishes,

Mr Michael Exton  Principal