10 September 2020

Learning and Teaching Update

Article by Mrs Annette Chidzey

Learning and Teaching Update

Years 7- 11 Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Next week there will be an opportunity for parents and guardians along with students currently enrolled in Years 7 to 11 to participate in Parent/Student/Teacher conferences via Zoom on Wednesday September 16th and Thursday September 17th.

Booking Conferences

Requests for individual conference bookings will be made via the Xuno parent portal [as per normal] and will be open from 9am on Friday September 11th. Please note that bookings will close on Tuesday September 15th at 3pm if not fully booked prior to that time.

Each conference will be no more than ten [10] minutes in duration and conferences will commence from 4pm through to 5.30pm each night before resuming from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. As Year 12 students and those Year 11 students doing a Unit 3/ 4 study have already had the opportunity for Zoom conferences earlier this term, these particular end of term conferences are intended for students across Years 7 -11 who have not yet had a formal conference with any subject teachers due to the extended periods of remote and flexible learning in 2020.

Each subject teacher will have a maximum of 13 bookings available on either night. As there are limited conference spaces available, parents and guardians are respectfully asked to ensure that they only book one conference time with any teacher who teaches one or more of their children for multiple subjects.

As in previous years, some teachers may be unavailable for some or all of this time and should that be the case, parents and guardians are invited to make contact with these teachers to organise an alternative time for a conference related to student progress or performance.

Parent and Guardian preparation prior to Conferences

It will be important that parents or guardians are ready for these conferences when contact is made by the subject teacher for that particular conference to commence.

Please note that these conferences will be conducted using Zoom via the student’s laptop.

Information and instructions with screen shots to assist everyone to access these conferences will be emailed to all parents and guardians of students in Years 7 to 11 inclusive on Thursday September 10th.

Final information

As you can appreciate, we cannot ensure internet reliability among other potential technical difficulties that may arise. Should there be any unforeseen technical difficulties eventuate during these conferences, the teacher will end the conference and endeavour to reschedule that conference with you and your son or daughter at a mutually convenient time on another day.

Similar Zoom conferences were very positively received at the start of Term 3 and we look forward to having similar experiences next week when we conduct these additional conferences to conclude the term.

In closing, may I take this opportunity to thank all students and families for their continued support to maintain learning continuity and in doing so acknowledge how pleased we will be to welcome our students back for face-to-face teaching in Term 4 if all goes according to plan.

Mrs. Annette Chidzey  Deputy Principal [Learning & Teaching]