18 November 2021

Performing Arts Update

Article by Mrs Linda Pape

Performing Arts Update

Farewell to Teresa Duddy

At the end of last term, we sadly said farewell to Ms Teressa Duddy.

Teressa was a very popular teacher who took over the role of Year 7 Music Coordinator and Year 9 music from Mrs Marrie. It was difficult to see Teressa leave but it was certainly for a very good reason. A few weeks ago, Teressa and her partner, Sam, welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family. Sidney is the new baby brother of Teddy and we congratulate Teressa, Sam and Teddy on their new arrival.

Year 12 Farewell

As always, it was emotional to farewell the Year 12 music class.

The assembly was held online and we were treated to a couple of musical acts which demonstrated the incredible talent of the Year 12 music students.

Congratulations to these students and to Mrs Brown, their music teacher, who I am sure was very proud.

Magis Men Video

On the last day for Year 12, The Magis Men treated the college to a comical but informative video of the story of Saint Ignatius.

Thank you so much to these fine gentlemen who gave up their time and trusted the director (most of the time) during recording and filming! Thanks also to Mr Lewis who was the talented guest star.

See The Magis Men: “The Saint who we won’t forget” visit: https://vimeo.com/633577868/49a0542fae

Indigenous Day: Lily Petterwood

Thank you to our Performing Arts Captain for 2022, Lily Petterwood, who sang beautifully during the lunch hour at the Indigenous Day festivities. Lily sang “Took the children away” by Archie Roach.

Ensembles are back!

Students have returned to the world of bands and choir at Saint Ignatius College.

Thanks to our dedicated staff, the Choir, Honours, Junior, Intermediate, Stage and Senior bands are back rehearsing during the lunch hours and before school.

Students interested in joining an ensemble, please see me or any of the ensemble leaders to have a chat.

Music Concerts Years 9,10, and 11

Last week, the music students from Years 9,10 and 11 performed their works for Semester two. Due to restrictions, the concerts were held in The Potato Shed and the students performed to each other.

The concerts were videoed and will be available online for parents to see. Mr Wilding and I were very proud of our students and were even slightly surprised at how well they all performed, considering the difficult year they had all experienced.

'Last Thursday on the 11th of November, the Year 10’s had our first concert of 2021; we performed a multitude of solos and group acts. We were all very excited to be involved in a musical performance for the first time in 2 years. It was another exciting experience that Saint Ignatius College provided for us and we offer great thanks to The Potato sShed for allowing us an amazing venue and setup, so we could make the most of our final music performance of year 10.'

Lily Petterwood Year 10

'Last week on Thursday, the Year 10 music class had their final music performance at The Potato Shed. The first performance for a long time, for the vast majority of the students. Everyone was beyond excited and nervous. The ten performances ranged from emotional solos to exhilarating guitar duos and a fresh girl band. Personally, performing in our band, '505' the song 'Cloud 9' by Beach Bunny, it felt so amazing to be out on the stage again and in front of an audience. We hope to see many more of these fantastic opportunities in the coming years.'

Ella Beasley Year 10

Michael Wilding

We are delighted to welcome a new staff member, Mr Michael Wilding, who is taking on the position of Year 7 Music Coordinator and teaching Year 9 music. Mr Wilding is also taking the baton for The Intermediate Band and also the Honours band. Michael has arrived from St Joseph’s College and we are delighted to have him on our team.

Instrumental Music Lessons

It is fabulous to hear the sounds of music coming from the instrumental rooms in the Performing Arts area. Instrumental Music lessons are now back and to hear scales and exercises being executed is more than magic.

Students wishing to continue or take up individual lessons both in music and public speaking, must complete the Operoo form which was sent out to all parents last week.

Combined Bands Twilight Concert

On Tuesday November 30th, we invite parents and friends to the Performing Arts area to a short but entertaining Twilight Concert on the Green.

5pm-5.30pm. Students from the college bands will rehearse after school, have a meal and then play a couple of pieces each to their parents and friends at 5pm.

Entry is free but please bring proof of vaccination.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next performance. It will be Wicked!

Yours musically, 

Linda Pape Performance & Instrumental Coordinator.