30 July 2020

Practice GAT - Tuesday August 11th

Article by Mr Michael Brown

Practice GAT - Tuesday August 11th

Practice General Achievement Test will be held on Tuesday 11th of August, 2020. 9:15am- 12:30pm

Dear Parent/Guardians

As part of Unit 3/ 4 VCE studies, all students undertaking a 3/4 VCE sequence of studies in 2020 are required to undertake the VCAA General Achievement Test (GAT). As part of our preparations for this test in 2020, all students who are required to complete the GAT will attend a virtual assembly conducted by Ms Etherington (Learning Area Leader for English) and Mr. Brown (VCE Coordinator) in homeroom groups on Friday 7th of August. In this assembly students will receive information regarding the GAT, its importance and valuable information on ways to approach the writing tasks within the GAT.

Practice GAT – Tuesday August 11th 2020

All students involved in the GAT for 2020 will undertake a formal practice paper on Tuesday 11th of August during periods 1 to 4 under replicated exam conditions that they will experience during the actual test. The practice paper will be externally graded, with the grades being provided back to students.

Students will then have an opportunity to unpack their practice paper and seek further assistance to prepare for the formal GAT on Wednesday September 9th. While this practice GAT will not count towards any final grade generation, it is vitally important in the preparation of students for the actual GAT paper this year given the COVID-19 impact on and interruptions to, student assessment performance and results in VCAA subjects delivered at this level.

The Principal, Mr. Exton, has strongly endorsed the provision of a full practice GAT on August 11th and has requested this activity be organised for all students doing a Unit 3/4 subject in 2020. For that reason, Year 11 and 12 classes will not operate from Periods 1 to 4 on August 11th and any Year 11 or 12 student not sitting the GAT will be allocated to supervised private study during that time.

Normal classes will resume for all students in Years 11 and 12 in Periods 5 and 6.

Should you wish to discuss these arrangements further or seek more information about the GAT itself, please contact Mr. Brown, VCE Coordinator via the email: brownm2@ignatius.vic.edu.au

We are pleased to be able to provide this invaluable preparation for our VCE students and will send home a Care Monkey notification early next week to seek parent and guardian support for this initiative.

Mr Michael Brown VCE Coordinator