20 October 2023

2024 Student Leader Appointments

2024 Student Leader Appointments

2024 Student Leader Appointments, Assembly & Student Leader Conferences

Congratulations to all students appointed to leadership positions for 2024. I would like to thank all (staff and current student leaders) who helped with the process of appointment, students who made an application and to those in the College community who encouraged students to apply.

Student Leaders 2024 pdf

The 2024 student leaders will be formally presented at our ‘Student Leader Investiture Assembly’ on Thursday, 9th November.

2024 student leaders will also gather on Tuesday, 12th December for the annual student leadership conference. Our focus, on this day, is more on what we will be rather than what we will do.

College Captains and College Vice Captains will also attend the annual Jesuit and Companion Schools Australia (JACSA) student leadership conference held at St. Ignatius’ College, Riverview (Sydney) from Sunday, 3rd December – Tuesday, 5th December.

The outgoing Year 12 student leaders ought to be commended on their contribution to the College. They have been instrumental in building the concept of ‘An Ignatian approach to Servant Leadership’ in our College.

Anthony Gravener

Student Leadership Development Coordinator