03 December 2020

Wellbeing Update

Article by Ms Olivia Whitehead

Wellbeing Update

As we head into the summer holidays, students can feel lots of excitement, but also some apprehension about break from routine, structure and contact with friends.

It’s important that we all consider how we can maintain healthy habits and staying connected during the holidays, while also taking a well-deserved break from school and some of the stressors that can come with it.

To help students juggle this balance, we have come up with some top tips:

• Schedule social time with friends so you don’t let too long go past without connecting with your mates. Then you will also have things to look forward to as well incase your days start to blend into one.

• Try to maintain a semblance of routine, even if that is giving yourself a bit more of a sleep in – we know healthy food, sleep and exercise routines are very good for our mental health.

• Practice self-care: make sure you enjoy yourself over the break, have fun and try to rejuvenate for 2021.

For parents/guardians/families, we recognise how the upcoming break may feel overwhelming or daunting given the amount of time students will spend away from school. To help, we have attached a Headspace support sheet which covers many of the tips we have already addressed, as well as some additional information on how to check in on your young person.

Please know that help is still available – although the wellbeing team will not be available after the 18/12/2020 there are still many supports available online and in our community over the summer for students and families so make sure you reach out if you feel the need, or if you are worried about someone else.

Look after yourselves, stay connected, have a fantastic break and Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.


Student Wellbeing Team: Tenille, Liv, Mel and Sally.