18 February 2021

Year 11 VCAL 'Welcome' BBQ

Year 11 VCAL 'Welcome' BBQ

On Wednesday the 10th of February, the year 12 VCAL cohort organised a welcoming BBQ breakfast for the new year 11 VCAL students and staff. 

The students that were on set up, prepared the food as well as cooked included Abbey G, Ruby R, Bonnie D, Kye A, Cooper B, George C, Anthony E, Thomas H, Mackenzie P and Maycee B

The aim of the event was to serve breakfast to the new Year 11 VCAL students, and breaking the ice with them, while implementing OHS procedures. At Senior level, we are responsible for the events we host and this is quite different to Intermediate level.

It was such a nice way to welcome the Year 11s into the program, the weather was great as the sun was out and the event was very well run. We cooked sausages, bacon, pancakes, eggs and had fruit on the side with burger buns, bread, maple syrup and many more items to choose from. It was very nice to see all of the staff come down to support this event and try some of our breakfast offerings, including Mr Exton, Mr Timms, Ms Donnelly, Mr Lewis and the Wellbeing team

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day great.