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Parent / Student / Teacher Conferences Term 1

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Parent / Student / Teacher Conferences Term 1

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

As we approach the end of Term 1, there will be an opportunity for parents and guardians along with Year 7 to 12 students to participate in Student/Parent/Teacher/conferences on Wednesday 31 March and Thursday 1 April. Based on positive feedback from last year conferences, we have again decided to run each student conference via Zoom.

It is essential that your son or daughter attend their Student/Parent/Teacher conferences so that they are able to lead the learning conversation. At Saint Ignatius College, we are committed to developing student independence and ownership of their learning . I ask for your support and please endeavour to make times that suit both you and your son or daughter.

Each conference will be ten (10) minutes maximum in duration to enable for internet connection and reliable access. On Wednesday, conferences will commence from 4:00pm to 5:30pm before resuming again at 5.50pm to 7.00pm. On Thursday, conferences will commence from 9.00am to 10.30am before resuming again at 10.50am to 12.00pm. Please note that Thursday will be a student free day.

Parents and guardians will receive a letter outlining the logistics of the Zoom Conferences. Prior to the scheduled conferences, students will undertake a reflection of their Term 1 learning during an extended Homeroom period on March 22. Students will be asked to share some of their reflections in each subject interview. It would be very helpful if parents and guardians could also discuss this with their son or daughter prior to the interviews.