09 September 2021

I Pledge Green

Article by Ruby Rose

I Pledge Green

During the year, we, the year 12 VCAL students, here at Saint Ignatius College have been exploring and researching the different environmental issues that have been affecting our local community. These issues include Urbanisation, Pollution, Renewable Energies, Climate Change and Global Warming.

We have had the opportunity to visit the Serendip Sanctuary where we were able to further explore the environmental issues we are facing. We were then asked to come up with our own ideas of ways we can help the environment. If any of our ideas were practical and would benefit the Serendip Sanctuary they would then look at implementing them at their sanctuary to further better the environment.

The year 12 VCAL students also had the opportunity to organise our own environmental camp. The purpose of this camp was to look at the different environmental issues and implement those solutions at their camp location. We were able to choose where we would like to stay and decided on Phillip Island. We also organised the accommodation, food, activities, how to get to the location to and from school and more. This was then presented to Mr Timms, where it was later approved.

Unfortunately however we were unable to go ahead with the camp as another lockdown happened, therefore we had to find another way to adapt to the situation and come up with an alternative way we can help the environment.

So, we have come up with the idea of an Environmental Awareness Project, where we are challenging all SICG students to join the ‘I Pledge Campaign’ and join their fight to make our world a Greener place. This challenge will begin next week on Monday 13th - Thursday 16th of September.

By registering their interest, students are saying:

  • I CARE

During the week students will be asked to register and accept a challenge. (registration information available on Xuno and the Colleges intranet 13/09)

We look forward to seeing what a difference our school community can make during this campaign.

Ruby Rose