27 August 2020

Remote learning - Catch Up Study Days

Article by Mr Michael Brown

Remote learning - Catch Up Study Days

As part of the current arrangements for students undertaking VCE studies during remote learning, Fridays have been designated as an opportunity to continue consolidating remote and flexible School Assessed Coursework (rfSAC) while also completing scheduled SACs especially in subjects that have multiple classes.

During this time, if a student is not involved in a rfSAC, they are able and expected to undertake self-directed learning, study and revision related to their current studies.

If students do not have a scheduled rfSAC they should use this time to catch up on any work that is outstanding in their classes. It is not time that should be seen as ‘free time’ where no study or revision is necessary.

Due to the nature of the VCE there are a number of ways students can utilise this non-contact time.

  • The completion of any outstanding work that is required for submission to their teacher.
  • The completion of revision notes outlining learning they have undertaken during the year.
  • Revisiting topics that they have found challenging and identifying any problems to address with their teacher.
  • The undertaking of past exam papers that have either been supplied to them by their teacher or downloaded from the VCAA website.
  • The completion of any Edrolo courses, Checkpoints or other materials that relate to their current studies.
  • Further investigation of topics that they have developed an interest in that relate to their current studies.

It is recommended that students develop a revision calendar to help in their preparations for any School Assessed Tasks or end of unit exams. This is especially crucial for students undertaking Unit 3/4 studies. I would recommend that students make use of such a revision timetable during any non-teaching time in conjunction with formal study revision that they have set aside for preparation for the end of year. There are various ways that a timetable may be develop. The links below may offer some valuable insights in this regard:


Should you wish to discuss these arrangements further or seek more information about the current remote VCE program, please contact Mr. Brown, VCE Coordinator via the email: brownm2@ignatius.vic.edu.au

Michael Brown VCE Coordinator