27 August 2020

Wear It Purple - Friday August 28th

Article by Florence Noble & Coco Bollock

Wear It Purple - Friday August 28th

This Friday the 28th of August is Wear It Purple Day and even though we’re not at school to celebrate it together, we’re hoping that you’ll all get involved to celebrate in the ways we can!

Wear it Purple Day is a special day where we, as a community, get to celebrate and promote the value of diversity and inclusivity in our school. Saint Ignatius is an incredible community, and it’s important that every one of us feels included no matter who we are. Wear It Purple was founded 10 years ago to respond to a world where sometimes, not everyone does feel valued. Now, Wear It Purple is a day of celebration and awareness that everyone should feel empowered to be who they are.

This year, the theme for Wear It Purple Day is “We Are The Change.” This represents us, as a community, implementing inclusivity into our lives so that everyone around us is encouraged to express themselves and be who they are.

Though it would’ve been great to share Wear it Purple Day together at school, you can still get involved from home by wearing purple and encouraging your friends to do so! You can start conversations with others about what it means to wear purple for you, and what it looks like to be an advocate for inclusivity in our community.

By wearing purple, you are showing your support for all of your peers, no matter their identity.

We are all responsible for making Saint Ignatius a place where everyone feels included.

Wear purple on August 28th to be the change!

Florence Noble (College Vice Captain) & Coco Bullock (Arts Captain)