11 September 2023

House Spelling Bee Competition

House Spelling Bee Competition

On Friday 1st September and Monday 4th September, the ILC hosted their first ever House Spelling Bee Competition.

The event was held over 2 lunchtimes.

A total of 15 students took part in this event that was organised by Curtis McCoughtry in conjunction with the ILC team.

Congratulations to all students involved and to this years House winner- MACKILLOP HOUSE

Results below.

Mackillop - 10 points

Xavier - 9 points

Ricci- 3 points

Glowrey- 2 points

Year 7-8

1st- Amelia Leonidou- 7 Funston

2nd- Isabelle Hachem- 8 Frigo

3rd- Henry Flight- 7 Smith

Year 9-10

1st- Owen McCoughtry- 9 Hamence

2nd- Rory Whittaker -9 Nicholls

3rd- Jade Cowdery- 9 Nicholls

Year 11-12

1st- Archer Stein- 11 Ric Clatworthy

2nd- James Grabowsky- 11 Xav Perkins

3rd- Jack Van Zyl- 11Xav Smith J