11 September 2023

Supporting Teens to Eat Well in a Food Confused World

Article by Butterfly Foundation

Supporting Teens to Eat Well in a Food Confused World

Dear Parents/Carers,

Helping our teens eat well can sometimes feel challenging in a culture where there is so much confusing information about food, eating and diets. Butterfly, as part of our Body Kind Families initiative, is teaming up with Accredited Practicing Dietitians Meg McClintock and Susan Williams to offer guidance on helping your teen towards a balanced and healthy relationship with food.

Format: Via Zoom. Time-limited recording available
Length: 1hr, plus 15 minutes for questions
Date: Tuesday, 12th September 2023
Time: 7pm - 8.15pm (AEST)

Cost: FREE

Suitable for: Designed for parents of teens but all care-givers welcome.

You will explore:

  • Why charting a healthy course in a food confused diet culture can be so hard

  • Figuring out problematic diet information vs helpful information

  • Impact of body image on eating and diet behaviour

  • The differences between eating for health vs eating for weight or shape control and why it matters

  • The risk of teenagers dieting regardless of body size

  • Helping our teens stay in touch with their appetite and trust their body through puberty and beyond

  • Troubleshooting common teen food dilemmas:
    • ​Eating too much 'junk' food

    • Eating to 'bulk-up'/high protein diets

    • Wanting to go vegetarian/vegan

    • Not eating at school.

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