03 May 2024

From the Glowrey House Captains

Article by Ghe Ghe Goh and Christian Musella | Glowrey House Captains

From the Glowrey House Captains

As we take a moment to catch our breath and reflect on the past two weeks, it is evident that our community has been a swarm of activity, filled with energy and passion. Here's a taste of what's been going on around us:

New building:

The new MacKillop Senior Centre has been a game changer for us seniors while providing many opportunities such as a sophisticated and modern environment for studying and socialising.

At first glance, the MacKillop Senior Centre appears to be an endless maze with its innovative classrooms, study areas, and common room. Of course, I've already made a few mistakes while attempting to find my way to class. Well, getting lost is all part of the adventure, isn't it?

The MacKillop Senior Centre is a really great addition to our school, even with the possibility of some trouble with direction and getting lost. The spacious and modern features provide a positive setting for learning and socialising, and I'm excited to see how this lovely building will ultimately benefit us senior students in the long run.


On Friday the 20th of April, it was the House Athletics Carnival - a day that we have been waiting for. The House Athletics Carnival was a thrilling event that brought together students to compete in a variety of events.

The atmosphere at athletics was optimistic and supportive, with students cheering on their peers and houses. It was wonderful to watch students from different year levels come together to support one another. It was also great to see the year 12’s dressing up as well, best dressed would definitely be Ms Taylor-Payne.

All things considered, the House Athletics Carnival was a fun and memorable event that brought together the school community in a spirit of sportsmanship and friendly competition. Congratulations to those who signed up and participated in an event.

As we reflect on the many activities, events and accomplishments that have taken place over the first two weeks of Term 2, one thing is clear - our school is an engaging and inclusive community that values progress, working together, and supporting others. The students and teacher’s accomplishments and achievements inspire and motivate us all as we strive for the MAGIS and make a difference to our school very much in the spirit of Mary Glowrey.

Ghe Ghe Goh and Christian Musella