30 May 2024

Parliamentary Convention

Article by Reuben Cook (Yr 9)

Parliamentary Convention

On Tuesday the 21st of May, a group of students including myself, has the opportunity to participate in the Victorian Schools Secondary Parliamentary Convention. It was a day in which we got to experience the democratic process and participate in the parliamentary processes that are used when passing a bill (proposed law). It was an amazing experience that really opened my eyes to the world of politics, especially being able to be there and sit in the Legislative Assembly just like the real politicians do. The day was situated around the “bill” that was being put forward to the house. Should social media platforms be held responsible for the spread of misinformation and fake news? The day started with the 12 schools presenting an opening statement on their view and position on the issue. It was then that we delved into the facts thanks to two wonderful keynote speakers before dividing up and beginning to debate and break down the topic in a student parliament before a vote was held. I was in my element as I presented my views and broke down others' arguments. This was a really great experience for me on the whole and I could not be more grateful for having been a part of it.

Reuben Cook (Yr 9)