30 May 2024

Year 8 Update

Article by Mr Dan Palmer | Year 8 Coordinator.

Year 8 Update

During Mentor Time this year the Year 8s have been working through The Resilience Project curriculum, a wellbeing curriculum designed to assist students to build resilience and manage their mental health. The three pillars of this program are Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness all of which have been explored thoroughly throughout the year. The implementation of this program has brought these pillars to the forefront of our minds on many occasions. One occasion on which these pillars were put into action was the support given to Feed Me Bellarine in the early part of this Term.

Feed Me Bellarine is an organisation that Saint Ignatius has had a long-standing relationship with, that does fantastic work throughout the community. Early in the Term Feed Me Bellarine reached out to our school and said that their food stocks were critically low, which led to them having to scale back their education programs this term.

In response to this, the year level ran a food collection drive to assist in alleviating this shortfall targeting pasta and rice. The response was overwhelming and we were able to make four large deliveries across the first four weeks of the term. This is a great example of the Year 8 students and families showing empathy by donating to people that are less fortunate than ourselves. Thanks to the Year 8 Mentor Teachers, Ms Clark and Jaryd for their support with this initiative.

Mr Dan Palmer | Year 8 Coordinator