Who we are



Who we are...

We are the Saint Ignatius College Geelong Old Ignatians.

 Yet to have an Association, but we have 3 Founding members instrumental in our earlier days for building interest and representing the alumni body at assemblies, Mosaic and Valedictory dinners: Georgia Cowdery (Class of 2009), Nathan Currie (Class of 2009) and Matt Crane (Class of 2007).

The first ever fledgling Saint Ignatius College Geelong Old Ignatians Committee was begun in 2016:
Bridget Henry (Class of 2011), Monica Henry (Class of 2007), Mathew Crane (Class of 2007), Georgia Cowdery (Class of 2009), Brendan Borosch (Class of 2009), Shane Baker (Class of 2008).

Interest has been shown in being on the general committee or an additional social committee by: Bronwyn Anfruns (Class of 2007), Jenny Tso (Class of 2010), Lachlan Excell (Class of 2012), Paddy Malone (Class of 2013), Harry Stannard (Class of 2015), Hugh Fleet (Class of 2013), Matthew Di Guisto (Class of 2011), Genevieve Nicholls (Class of 2015), Maddison Hammond (Class of 2015), Chelsey Excell (Class of 2013), Gabrielle Costa, Ben Helweg (Class of 2006), Bridget Henry (Class of 2011), Alison Sinadinos (Class of 2006) Jeremy Cummings (Class of 2007), Jay Andrew (Class of 2007), Will Dickinson (Class of 2008), and others.

We are grateful for this interest and look forward to re-establishing and broadening the committee in the near future. We welcome other interested former students in being part of this significant part of our College community.
Email: sicgalumni@ignatius.vic.edu.au.

Our Old Ignatians, our SICG Alumni, can enjoy catching up with classmates at events, including reunions, held a number of times each year. !0-year reunions are well underway having a most successful inaugural 10-year reunion last year in our 10th year as a College.

It is hoped that school leaders from each year level will lead the way with reunions joining with enthusiastic others to create effective planning committees.

The College supports all these endeavours and works with them in an ex-officio capacity.

Former students are becoming more and more involved in school activities and contribute in many ways such as making presentations on Careers Days, Mosaic, assemblies; coaching; assessing students such as in Language competitions; performing and other.

We invite interested former students to be involved in our College- email expressions of interest in this regard to the College. 
Email: sicgalumni@ignatius.vic.edu.au.

We are always happy to hear ideas and feedback regarding our reunions and other events and encourage you to contact the Development office at any time on (03) 5251 1136 or email us at sicgalumni@ignatius.vic.edu.au.

“Where are they now” is a wonderful way to stay in the loop and hear about what others are doing these days which is always interesting.
Easy to write:
Where: Where do you live –interstate, overseas, locally, country, Melbourne?
What: What are you up to these days-travelling, studying (what course?), working (what do you do?) having a family?
When: When did you leave Saint Ignatius College? Do your course(s)
Who: Partner? Children?
Other: ?
Paint us a picture!
Email: sicgalumni@ignatius.vic.edu.au.

  • We are hoping to have a regular twice-yearly e-newsletter to inform old Ignatians of upcoming events and opportunities and to include a “Where are they now:” section. And encourage your friends to upload their “bios” as well.
  • Read this as well in the Alumni profiles in this Alumni portal and it will be published in the MAGIS-the College yearbook.

The Saint Ignatius' College Graduate Distinction

Upon graduation, it is hoped that students of Saint Ignatius College, “the Grad at Grad”, will display a range of qualities and characteristics that distinguish them from other students.

In their time at the College and as part of their transformation into young men and women of competence, conscience and compassion, the school strives to develop graduates who are Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Religious, Loving and Committed to Justice.
Our graduates will be Open to Growth if they are willing to try new and different things and have the courage to move outside of established comfort zones or boundaries. They will be Intellectually Competent as indicated by their success in their chosen courses and in their readiness to move into life beyond school.
Finally, they will be Religious, Loving and Committed to Justice, if through their actions, they display a genuine concern for others, especially those in our world who are disadvantaged or forced to live on the margins of society. Their willingness to take action for those in need will flow from their understanding of Gospel values and be nurtured by their relationship with God.
Our graduates are part of an international network of students who have all passed through Jesuit educational institutions and who recognise the importance of taking action to bring ‘light’ to our world.