19 December 2019

Acknowledging Success

Article by Mrs Annette Chidzey

Acknowledging Success

Our current VCE and VCAL students have recently received their results after completing their respective Unit 3/4 or Senior Certificate studies for 2019. These have been the outcome of sustained effort and application, not only during the last twelve months but in the years leading up to 2019.

A number of our Senior VCAL students in completing this pathway have experienced success in a variety of forms including the attaining of apprenticeships, the opportunity to undertake further study and/or the securing of employment in a field that interests them and taps into their specific talents.

Likewise, congratulations are extended to our ten students who achieved an ATAR score in excess of 90 and who, in so doing, performed very creditably across a range of subjects to secure such results. Two of those students achieved study scores of 50 in different subjects, indicative in each case of outstanding individual academic achievement. Ruby Mangelsdorf, our current Academic Captain and the 2019 College dux, achieved a study score of 50 in both Psychology and Food Studies while Sophie Skuza achieved a study score of 50 in Chemistry, both truly remarkable performances.

It was also very pleasing to note that a number of our Year 11 students accelerating in a range of subjects achieved individual study scores over 40 which is both an indication of their conscientious application as well as testament to the opportunity to accelerate and optimise their academic potential.

We especially look forward to acknowledging these students along with all other students who secured study scores over 40 in individual Unit 3/ 4 studies at our first whole school gathering in 2020. This assembly will provide an opportunity to not only present Academic Awards to our high achieving students but also recognise the leadership capacity of our student body by conducting our 2020 student leader investiture ceremony at the same time. This very important event will be staged in our newly completed multipurpose building and will be held on Friday February 7th commencing at 10-45am.

Looking ahead to 2020, the College will continue to offer a broad range of VCE studies for students to undertake in Years 10, 11 and 12 including the introduction of Environmental Science at Units 3/ 4 level for the first time.

During 2019, teachers have been working methodically to deliver our curriculum via a new Learning Management System known as CANVAS. This platform will be operational across Years 7 to 12 from the commencement of the school year and will enable students to receive specific feedback designed to elicit targeted improvement upon completion and submission of assignments and related learning activities.

We are very grateful to the Year 7 parents who completed a technical trial viewing student results and feedback via CANVAS in Term Four and will now use their feedback to consolidate parent and guardian access to student results and feedback in 2020.

To assist families to become even more involved in the shared learning partnership this learning management system provides, we will conduct a series of information evenings early in Term 1 to help outline how to make the most effective use of CANVAS to access and support student learning.

In closing, I wish to thank all students, teachers, parents and guardians for their collective effort this year to make the most of the learning opportunities provided.

May Christmas be a blessed and peaceful time for us all and the upcoming holidays a welcome time of rest and recreation.

Mrs Annette Chidzey Deputy Principal [Learning and Teaching]