19 December 2019

Barwon Coast Safety Message

Barwon Coast Safety Message

To Students and Families from Barwon Coast

Summer is with us bringing holidays and warmer weather, Barwon Coast seeks your assistance in spreading an important safety message with regards to the dangerous practice of jumping or diving into the Barwon River at Barwon Heads from the Public Jetty and William Buckley Pedestrian Bridge.

We are concerned that this dangerous activity occurs as the warmer weather arrives. There is constantly changing sand level buildup of the river bed around the jetty and the bridge that can result in critically shallow water depths. It could be devastating to many if a youthful member of any family were injured through this action of theirs.

Signage is present on the jetty and bridge advising that jumping or diving is prohibited however your assistance in advising students and their families of the peril would be greatly appreciated.

Seasons greetings from all at Barwon Coast and we wish everyone a safe and happy summer season.