19 December 2019

Wellbeing: A Combined Effort

Article by Mr Michael Timms

Wellbeing: A Combined Effort

Recently the Student Wellbeing Team attended a Wellbeing conference at McKillop College, Werribee. The conference was organised by the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne and was held for all Catholic Secondary schools in the Western Region. The aim of the event was to further develop our knowledge in key areas of Wellbeing that effect both staff and students. Two significant messages that was touched on by both keynote speakers was the significance of establishing positive relationships in schools and the importance of parent engagement to ensure our young people get the most out of their schooling. Reflecting upon the year, I consider that as a College we are working hard at establishing both of these central characteristics of a successful school.

It has been widely documented that positive student – teacher relationships can assist in student academic performance, increase the student’s sense of self-worth and decrease mental health issues. The introduction of positive affirmations at Saint Ignatius College, has definitely assisted in fostering those important positive relationships between students and staff. This year staff have given over 3000 affirmations to the students of our College. The feedback from the students and parents/guardians in relation to the affirmations has been overwhelmingly positive. It is hoped in 2020 we will continue to grow this affirmation system and continue to develop those important relationships.

Parent engagement at a school level has been connected with student learning and their academic outcomes. It has been asserted that young people whose parents/guardians show an interest in their son or daughter’s education, achieve higher and have less absenteeism issues at school. This year we have provided many opportunities for our parents/guardians to be involved in their daughters/son’s education. I would like to thank all the parents who have involved themselves in events such as Time & Space, Thyme and Plates, Senior Expo and the Kokoda Expedition to name a few. Working together as a combined approach can only strengthen the support that a young person requires through their schooling.

Finally, I would like to wish all families an enjoyable and restful holiday. I feel privileged to be able to work with our young people and the families of our College, and I look forward to continue to form our students to become the women and men for and with others that we as an Ignatian College desire them to be.

Merry Christmas

Best Wishes

Michael Timms (Deputy Principal – Students)