15 July 2021

Canteen Price List & Roster

Canteen Price List & Roster

The College canteen menu uses the 'traffic light system' to inform students, staff and parents of the College the healthier choice’s available at the College canteen (See 'Healthy Food @ School Guidelines' in our 'College Policies and Procedures' section for full details).

Canteen Duty for Parents

Canteen duty provides a much appreciated service to the school. It gives you the opportunity to meet and talk with other parents and also enables you to see your child’s school in action.

Five helpers are needed each day. Helpers will need to be at the canteen by 9:00am and will generally be finished by 1:30pm. If you can only be there part of the day, your help is greatly appreciated.

If you are able to assist, please contact Sandra Woodall at the College on 5251 1136.

Canteen Roster:

Week starting July 19th 2021

19th July: N. Elliston, E. Dear
20th July: R. Morris, M. Jackson, S. Twaits, K. Allchin
21st July: C. Ford, C. Poynton
22nd July: M. White, M. Farrell, C. Browne
23rd July: E. Stokie, S. Nyga, S. McKay, J. Rogers

Term 3

Week starting July 26th 2021

26th July: L. Hart, K. Nailon
27th July: S. Fleet, D. Montgomery, C. Hughes
28th July: Needed, Needed, Needed
29th July: F. Ferguson, Needed, Needed
30th July: S. Nyga, K. Royle, A. Richardson