15 July 2021

Learning and Teaching

Article by Ms Bernadette Donnelly

Learning and Teaching

Welcome to Semester 2

I hope Semester 2 brings great opportunities and learning for all our students. Semester 1 reports are available on Xuno and students are encouraged to take the time to reflect on their Semester 1 learning practices as they commence Term 3. I wish them well in their studies.

Term 3 Subject Pathways Information

The 2022 subject pathways process will commence early Term 3. As of July 23, students and parents will be able to access all subject information via Canvas. On July 23, Year 8 - 11 students will participate in Level Assemblies where they will hear about the subject selection process and the available choices. Students will also receive a copy of the subject selection form and for those interested, a copy of the accelerated studies form.

The Year 9 and 10 Senior Pathways evening will be a virtual event held on Tuesday 27 July from 6.00pm to 7.45 pm. Parents and students will be provided a link to enter Year 10 (2022) and Year 11 (2022) rooms via Zoom. The purpose of the virtual evening will be to present subject information and respond to any parent and student questions regarding subject choices. As of July 23, parents and students will be able to post questions via Canvas prior to the evening, as well as ask questions during the information session.

Year 9 and 10 students will also participate in Pathway Interviews with a senior member of staff via Zoom. The Year 10 Pathway Interviews will take place on Friday 6 August and therefore on this day, students will work remotely. The Year 9 Pathway Interviews will take place on Monday 9 August and they too will work remotely on this day. Subject teachers of these days, will set work that is to be completed. Parents and guardians are invited to attend the Zoom meeting and will be allocated an interview time.

Accelerated Studies Information

​​Saint Ignatius College offers students the opportunity to undertake selected accelerated studies. Accelerated studies are academically challenging and participation in an accelerated study is not automatic. Therefore, a student considering applying to study an accelerated subject must be able to demonstrate that they can cope with the workload, have sound organisational skills, have demonstrated excellence in their chosen Year 10 or 11 subject area, and that the accelerated study will not negatively impact on their Year 10 or 11 studies.

It is expected that any student considering applying to study an accelerated study meets the following criteria:

  • An overall result of 80% or higher in the accelerated subject area
  • An overall result of 75% or higher in all other subjects studied in Semester 1

A high level of literacy is beneficial to a student studying an accelerated subject.

A student who does not meet the criteria in Semester 1 may reapply at the end of Semester 2 but cannot be guaranteed a place.

Bernadette Donnelly Deputy Principal [Learning & Teaching]