15 July 2021

Year 7 Music Semester 1

Article by Ms Teresa Duddy

Year 7 Music Semester 1

In Semester 1 Year 7 music students at Saint Ignatius College began their studies on an instrument of choice. Some chose trumpet, others trombone, flute, saxophone or clarinet. 

With the changing environment due to Covid19 we had lessons online, lessons at school socially distanced, and for a period of time lessons at school in a regular band formation! 

The students demonstrated as they have now done time and time again their capacity for flexibility and creativity!

The semester-long music subject usually culminates in a live performance for family and friends. It is a much-loved occasion, and one in which many were looking forward to.

Unfortunately at the time restrictions meant we were unable to have the concert, as such I decided to capture some of what we had been doing in class to share via video. With the assistance of Michael Tod, Paul Lewis, Hamish Uldrich and the Instrumental tutors the students gathered to perform together on the last Monday of term.

Here is a video of photos and footage from those last weeks. I am very proud of the students for their commitment to their education and music-making.

Special thanks to the Junior Band, Honours Band, and all the amazing instrumental teachers: Will Crowther (Trumpet), Naomi Cordell (Trombone), Janice Wilding and Tim Neal (Clarinet and Saxophone) and Sally Hobbs (Flute).

Teresa Duddy  Year 7 Concert Band Coordinator