12 May 2022

SICG Careers Panel Evening

SICG Careers Panel Evening

Saint Ignatius College, Geelong is delighted to present 'The Saint Ignatius College Careers Panel Evening' on Monday the 16th of May, 2022, at 7pm.

Saint Ignatius College Alumni from various fields are returning to the College to host 3 panel sessions, to which students and their parents/carers can sign up to. Each panel session is 18 minutes in duration, with a 2 minute changeover period. The evening will conclude at 8.30pm.

Families will listen to the career pathways chosen by the panellists and will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding their chosen careers.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain an insight into possible career choices beyond Year 12, and the pathway that can be taken to achieve these careers.

All students in Years 10-12 are encouraged to select their 3 panels via the following link;


For more information about our panellists please visit;


We look forward to welcoming students in Years 10-12 and their families to this exciting evening.

Bookings close tomorrow, Friday 13th May.

Ms. Elana Cole | Development Manager.

Mr. Bruce Connor | Careers Advisor.

Dr. Brenden Maxwell Borosh | Old Ignatians President.