30 June 2022

Further Mathematics Seminar

Article by Mrs Colleen Boland - Mathematics Learning Area Leader

Further Mathematics Seminar

Further Mathematics Seminar - How to tackle Further Maths Exams

Last week the Further Mathematics students were invited to attend a lunchtime seminar run by Mr Anthony Gravener to help them prepare for their first practice exam.

Mr Gravener has a wealth of experience as both a teacher and assessor of Further Mathematics. He is an advocate of “working smarter” and was able to share many tips and tricks to help students prepare for and complete their exams successfully.

The feedback we received from the students who attended has been very positive.

I found it extremely beneficial to learn further study skills and consolidate skills that I already have. It was so great to have the opportunity to go!’ Mackenzie

The Further Maths Exam preparation seminar got us thinking about how we should plan to approach the end of year exam with healthy, consistent study and gave us perspective on the conditions and limitations we will be faced with during the exam that can be countered with tips and tricks to maximise our performance’. Laura

I found it refreshing to hear the views of another maths teacher.’ Ross

Prioritise your time in the exam – keep an eye on the clock.’ Toby

2 marks means show your working.’ Harry

Read, read, read the question. All of the question.’ Lily

For those who were unable to attend our session last week a recording has been placed onto the Further Mathematics page on Canvas for all students to access.

I would like to thank Mr Gravener for so generously giving up his time to prepare and run such a successful seminar for our students. I would also like to thank the Further Maths staff for giving up their time to help plan and run the session.

We are planning to hold another seminar during Term 3 and I encourage all our Further Mathematics students to come along.

Mrs Colleen Boland

Mathematics Learning Area Leader