26 May 2023

St Ignatius. Inspiring me to be a leader - IDAHOBIT Day 2023

Article by Zoe Walter | Arts Captain

St Ignatius. Inspiring me to be a leader - IDAHOBIT Day 2023


Last week as a college we celebrated IDAHOBIT day. Which is the national day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

On this day the school was filled with food, music and an art competition. Ms. Leonard and I hosted an art competition for this day, surrounding the theme of “Be You.” We had many amazing art pieces submitted, from photography to breathtaking drawings.

We want to acknowledge some standout submissions from this day. For every submission each student was encouraged to briefly explain the meaning behind their piece and what it meant to them.

Saisha Tagore Year 7 Mitchell

  • This drawing expresses how you should be yourself and not be ashamed of it. BE YOU!

Created by Nikita Smith - Year 9 Tolan

  • This artwork was inspired by the quote “Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think,” By Roy T. Bennett.

There is one fish who has chosen to be brave and follow its heart, while all the other fishes are just following each other and not being true to themselves. The brave fish is vibrant and happy, but the 'follower fish' are dull and have gloomy expressions upon them. Although, when the follower fish becomes close to the brave fish, the brave fish radiates positivity and enlivens not only their expressions, but their colour and warmth. The brave fish inspires them to BE THEMSELVES.

Another key component of the piece is the brave fish following a shell, which is symbolising its heart. The heart is shaped like a shell not only to fit into the beach theme, but also fits into the message I was trying to communicate.

This piece was created with layered water colours, roughly sketched and outlined by fineliners and finally finished off with some white Posca pen highlights and metallic gold shimmer.

Gabriela Fernandes Year 9 Leonard

Yet again a massive thank you to all the staff and students involved in making this day so special.

In particular staff members and students who were key helpers Ms Catlin Doble, Ms Bek Spencer, Ms Alicia Leonard, Amelia Watters, Gray Grist, Alana Clark and Ed Jenkins.

Thank you to all the students for getting involved with this day and for showing your support

Zoe Walter | 2023 Arts Captain