26 May 2023

VCE VM Applied Learning Snapshot

Article by Mr. Bill Miles | Applied Learning Leader

VCE VM Applied Learning Snapshot

VCE VM Applied Learning Snapshot

The VCE Vocational Major (VM) program is well underway with the implementation of the new study design at Year 11 and a range of positive applied learning activities, projects, immersions, excursions and camps being organised to showcase work related / personal development skills and to further enhance student learning outcomes. I am extremely grateful for the dedicated hard work of the Applied Learning Team to date in preparing these wonderful opportunities for our students and we are looking forward to extending on these throughout the course of the year.

Some highlights to date have included:

11 Vocational Major (VM)

12 VCAL - VM

Welcome to VCE VM BBQ / Level 2 First Aid

Paddock to Plate

RSA / White Card / Safe Food Handling

Welcome to VCE VM BBQ / Shrove Tuesday

Man Cave / Flourish Girl

Magenta Safety Training

Stop Go BAT – Traffic Control & Safety

Literacy - Crime Stories Melbourne Tour

Career Immersion – Building & Construction

Environment/Cultural Melbourne Camp

Careers Excursion – Ports / Hanlon

Man Cave / Flourish Girl

Cyber Safety & Security

Sports Coordination - Assistance

Year 12 VCE VM Immersion 

On Tuesday 16th May - Thursday 18th May, Year 12 VCE VM students completed their Environment / Cultural Immersion to Warburton, Warrandyte and Melbourne CBD. The students demonstrated some amazing life skills under some very challenging circumstances over the 3 day adventure. These included problem solving, planning/organising, leadership, teamwork, communication and resilience. I say challenging because the students were responsible for all navigation, food preparation, logistics and activity coordination. They excelled as a team and many individuals stood out demonstrating some amazing leadership capabilities. The environment and program were challenging to say the least and many students found themselves operating and functioning well outside their comfort zone. Highlights of the trip included canoeing down the Yarra River into Melbourne and a Cultural walk through the streets of Melbourne's CBD viewing some significant areas including the Immigration Museum, the Queen Victoria Markets, A/C-D/C lane and the hustle and bustle of Melbourne's historic Chinatown. It was a trip students will never forget and a great way to finish off their senior year here at Saint Ignatius College Geelong.