01 April 2021

GISSA Surfing Champions

Article by Mr Andrew Philp

GISSA Surfing Champions

Last October, I flagged to all GISSA Sport Coordinators the starting of the Geelong Independent Secondary School Association Surfing Titles. Wednesday was the Association's inaugural GISSA Surfing Titles at Jan Juc with clean 3ft waves for most of the day.

The competition was a '7 person team' tag team event where surfers tactically surf for points over a 60 minute time slot. Each surfer has a maximum of two waves to catch with a 'power surfer' nominated to receive double points.

This team listed below are the 2021 GISSA Champions!

Remy Roberts

Max Bassett

Charlie Mahoney

Lucy Naylor

Jack bassett

Jet Lampered

Finbar Crapp

Special thanks to Tristan Phieler who was a much needed staff member on the rescue board and Kymberely Naylor for sending us countless emails of what to do and what not to do!

Saint Ignatius Sports Wrap

Owing to the regular emails I get from parents and students about their sporting achievements I have started a "Saint Ignatius Sport Wrap" publication once a week.

Attached below are the first 5 Issues so you can catch-up on what's been happening this term: