01 April 2021

Year 11 Wellbeing Day

Article by Ms Tenille Thomson

Year 11 Wellbeing Day

On the 26th of March our Year 11 cohort had a whole day focused on their wellbeing with three rotating sessions throughout the day. Homeroom groups moved through a session on emotional regulation and stress management through yoga delivered by DuneFolk. This session took a focus on not only some individual strategies to manage stress but also some partner work.

They also had the opportunity to discuss challenging unhelpful stereotypes they experience in society with the guidance from Paul Zappa from Jesuit Men’s Social Services. 

This session focused on healthier identities and allowed students to be reflective and offered suggestions on how they may be able to shape their worlds for the better.

The third session was one focusing on respectful relationships delivered by our student wellbeing team. This session was interactive and encouraged students to consider a number of different relationships they may be experiencing - familial, friendship, acquaintances and romantic - and to reflect on ways they can continue to be true to their authentic selves while also championing respect and kindness.

The day was a really positive time for students and homeroom teachers to get to take some time off from the classroom and focus on connecting and reflecting.

Tenille Thomson Student Wellbeing Coordinator