03 June 2021

Lake Health Check

Article by Ms Jessica Miller

Lake Health Check

On a cold and windy morning last week Year 11 VCE Environmental Science students ventured to Lake Lorne to conduct field sampling for their major investigation this semester.

The students were charged with creating their own investigation, monitoring and designing an experiment to investigate an issue at or around the Lake Lorne environment.

Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary field of research that contributes to solutions to environmental issues. It involves many areas of study including ecology, chemistry, geology, soil science, geography, meteorology and biology. The projects devised by students investigated pollution issues, vegetation cover and nutrient enrichment.

Students collected macroinvertebrates from the water, assessed vegetation cover and monitored dissolved oxygen, phosphorus, nitrogen and temperature levels in the lake. Their analyses and report writing will assist in highlighting the health of the Lake and giving the students an insight into the many variables, limitations and complexities of field based surveys.

Jessica Miller  Science Teacher