03 June 2021

Road Safety Workshop

Article by Ms Alex Simpson

Road Safety Workshop

On Monday 24th May, our Year 11 students travelled to Beckley Park for a one-day workshop presented by RYDA on road safety. The workshop sessions were led by a team of trained facilitators including a Fire Fighter, driving instructors and other community sector specialists.

Taking a student inquiry learning approach, students attended 6 different workshops to broaden their understanding of road safety. The workshops were titled Mind Matters, Speed & Stopping, Drive S.O.S., The ‘I’ in Drive, Road Choices and Crash Investigators.

The workshops featured highly engaging practical demonstrations, real-life narratives, videos, quizzes and interactive role play. These unique experiences gave students the tools to become informed drivers and see the impacts of their road choices.

In addition to this, students were provided the opportunity to set road safety goals and build strategies alongside the friends they will most likely be riding with, as drivers or passengers. All staff and students that attended were impressed with the quality of information on the day, and were very happy to be out on excursion together once again.

Alex Simpson  Year Level Coordinator: Year 11