07 October 2021

Learning and Teaching

Article by Ms Bernadette Donnelly

Learning and Teaching

Welcome back to Term 4

We look forward to welcoming our students and staff back to the College. We hope to have a great Term 4.

Year 12 Trial Exams

The Year 12 Trial exams ran smoothly and the results will be available via Canvas on 11 October. These results are indicative of how the students are currently placed in terms of their learning. It is important that students regard these exams as a learning opportunity and take the time to go through them and focus on or ask questions about any areas in which they can improve. A special thanks to all the Year 12 teachers who have been frantically marking the exams to return them to the students in record time.

Year 12s

It is great to see that students are continuing to approach their study in a consistent manner. A most effective way to accomplish this is to complete as many practice papers and questions as possible. The teaching staff are always available during regular school hours to correct practice papers and assist in any way.

Support and encouragement from family and friends is very valuable at this time, in order to keep up spirits and momentum. We’ll be thinking of you all and wish you the very best!

The last day of classes for Year 12 students is Tuesday 19 October.

Learning and Teaching Professional Learning Day

All teaching staff will be involved in a 2022 curriculum planning day on Friday 22 October. Teaching staff will work in subject teams to review 2021 courses and learning activities. Therefore, there will be no formal classes on this day. However, students will be able to take the day to complete any set work. Unit 4 students will be on Swot Vac and will be able to contact their Year 12 teachers on this day for assistance.

2022 Subjects and Booklists

Students will receive their final list of 2022 subjects and access to the 2022 Booklist later this term. As part of supporting our 2021 goal ‘helping students learn to a higher level’ we have arranged with Campion Booksellers to make 2022 books available prior to Christmas. This will allow students to read their novels and make themselves familiar with any of the subject text books prior to 2022. In order to facilitate this, Campion will home deliver the book orders. This will also save parents lining up in late January to collect their child’s books.

Important S dates

To assist students with their organisation and planning we publish S dates which refers to the final date for any Year 7 – 12 summative or reportable task to be completed. The

Year 7 -11 Semester 2 S days are as follows:

Year 11: Thursday 11 November

Year 10: Thursday 18 November

Year 9: Tuesday 23 November (Core subjects only)

Year 9: Wednesday 1 December (Elective subjects only)

Year 7/8: Thursday 25 November

Year 9 – 11 Examinations

Just a reminder that of the Semester 2 examination dates:

Unit 2: Friday 19 November

Year 10: Friday 26 November

Year 9: Wednesday 1 December (Core subjects only)

Bernadette Donnelly  Deputy Principal [Learning & Teaching]