07 October 2021

Using Learner Data

Article by Mr Joe McLean

Using Learner Data

Learner Perception Surveys

Over the course of 2021, all teaching staff have been working through a Professional Learning Cycle during their Professional Learning Time (Stages 1 – 4). As part of this cycle, Stage 4 requires teachers to gain quality feedback through a learner perception survey.

Learner perception surveys are conducted in order to find out what learners are thinking, learning, and feeling. They differ to academic assessments as they check in with the thoughts and perspectives of the learners rather than testing their academic skills. Learner perception data, on its own or combined with other data, can help teachers learn what is working and what is not. Learner surveys can be undertaken at any time and, unlike academic assessments, are less likely to result in stress or pressure on learners.

This enables teachers to:

  • Measure changes in learners’ perceptions over time.
  • Understand what learners feel has stayed the same and why.
  • Measure learners’ perceptions of the impact of a new practice.
  • Measure learners’ perceptions of the impact of the teacher’s professional learning.

Learner perception surveys look at learners’ thoughts on their class and teacher, providing feedback on what is working or not working in class.

It can help to categorise exactly what information is being sought from the learners. The method that will be used is the ‘7Cs’ (Ferguson et al., 2015) and a focus on the teacher development goal for 2021.

Each of these cover an aspect of a teacher’s practice.

Care: Teachers’ care for learners, and support for the emotional wellbeing of learners.

Confer: Welcoming and valuing learner viewpoints.

Captivate: The teacher’s ability to engage learners.

Clarify: The ability to explain and clarify concepts and content.

Consolidate: The ability to review and ensure information is retained.

Challenge: Pushing learners academically and supporting them when they struggle with this.

Classroom management: The ability to organise a class and ensure it runs smoothly.

Goal focus: Related to the Professional Development Goal of the teacher.

Students will be supported through this survey to help them understand the importance. Individual and class responses will be collated. Individual responses will be kept confidential by the teacher. Students to access the survey (once published) through Canvas in the chosen class. Each of the questions in the survey will be explained to help students understand and feel comfortable through the process.

The survey can be completed within 10minutes.

The PDF Below is an outline of the Learner Perception Survey Questions. Students will respond to each of the statements by selecting one of the four responses.

Joe McLean  Director of Teacher Development