07 October 2021

R U OK? Day 2021

Article by The Wellbeing Team

R U OK? Day 2021

R U OK? Day provides us with an opportunity to recognise the power we each have, each day, to benefit others. This year on Thursday 9th September the Wellbeing Team took the opportunity to celebrate R U OK? Day as a reminder that one simple question can at times help people in immeasurable ways.

All staff, friends and family were encouraged to wear at least a splash of yellow, or better yet an R U OK? t-shirt. This, of course helps raise awareness and reduces unnecessary stigma so that we can all talk about mental health freely. The Wellbeing Team received many fun photos as people took the opportunity to dress in their daggiest or most ostentatious yellow!

Our student wellbeing leader, Sam Hines, shared a short presentation encouraging the community to reach out to each other, and resources for supporting teenage mental health were sent to parents. Sarah from the Wellbeing Team developed a way to practice and workshop various ways to ask R U OK? In Personal Learning sessions, we practiced how to see the signs that someone might need support and how to ask questions, listen and encourage people face-to-face and online.

The theme this year was ‘Are they Really Okay? Ask them today’. This might be a good takeaway to keep in mind as we go forwards. We all know sometimes we tend to say we are ‘okay’ when really, we need help. Sometimes we are glad that someone asks if we are okay but we might feel embarrassed or shy. That’s why this theme – Are they really okay?’ – reminds us to look a little closer and try a little harder in reaching out to friends, to listen to people's behaviour as much as their words and that a simple question can really help.

From the Student Wellbeing Team (Dylan, Sarah, Mel and Liv)