08 October 2020

Performing Arts & Instrumental News

Article by Mrs Linda Pape

Performing Arts & Instrumental News

Zoom - A Family Affair

From what I have heard, parent teacher interviews last term were a hit with many parents, students and teachers.

With zoom becoming the “norm” these days, I found the parent teacher interviews very successful and relaxing. Meeting other members of the family and even meeting a very talented Nanna were highlights and a lovely way to end the semester. 

I do hope we hear more from this talented Nanny Sue in the future and maybe you all may hear the wonderful duet with her musical grandson - Oliver Reynolds!

Parents: Tony and Emma Musella commented:

“We found participating in parent-teacher interviews via Zoom a great experience! Although we prefer face-to-face conversations, it was great to meet teachers whom we have had limited contact with this year and to do it in the same way our children have been interacting with their classrooms. It was also much easier to do it from the comfort of our own couch, than from a plastic chair in a gym!"

Public Speaking

On Wednesday September 16th, I was delighted to be invited to attend the public speaking showcase with students presenting their own topic. I was particularly impressed with Sebastian Dowler who spoke about Anthropology. A few students presented their talk on our covid experience which was an opportunity to worshop their entry for our competition “The Gifts of 2020”

Well done to our Public Speaking teacher, Nikki Zhao, for her dedication and to our talented students who spoke so eloquently.

Improvisation at it’s Best

In the final weeks of Term 2, the Unit 2 music students were lucky to have a special guest in their class. Woodwind and keyboard specialist, Mr Tim Neal, spoke and demonstrated to the class, the art of improvisation. 

Congratulations to vocalists Errol Friee and Jack James who went out of their comfort zone and improvised on line to their peers.

New Piano Tutor

A big welcome to Megan Baker who will be joining our team of instrumental music teachers. Megan will be one of three piano tutors as we also have Tony Musella and Adrian Montagnese on our team. Piano/Keyboard is certainly becoming popular.

Megan studied Piano at Melba Conservatorium of Music and is also Performance Coordinator at The Geelong College Junior School and is very excited to be teaching at our college each Tuesday and we wish her all the best at our college.

Instrumental forms are available at the office or in the performing arts area for any student wishing to commence private lessons this term. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or you would like to chat about lessons at our college.

I look forward to returning to school and hope to have a lot of performing arts news in the coming weeks.


Mrs Linda Pape Performance & Instrumental Coordinator.