08 October 2020

Saint Ignatius Gardens

Article by Mr David Peters

Saint Ignatius Gardens

Welcome to the 1st St Ignatius Garden newsletter.

Spring is here!!!!!

This newsletter will keep you up to date on what’s new and what’s happening around our college, with our gardens. Our college is changing at a rapid pace and it’s hard to keep up with all the new plants, shrubs and trees. The newsletter will also feature plant of the week / month and some gardening tips, also if you are not sure what to plant or where to plant or just have a gardening question feel free to email me and I’ll be more than happy to help: maintenance@ignatius.vic.edu.au

Our Anzac garden has had a makeover. The old garden was only 10 meters away, but with the new administration building taking shape we decided to make a remembrance garden we can be proud of. We have planted an abundance of Flanders Poppies with a row of Rosemary bush along the back wall, the pine is in the middle with a path ( Batesford Topping) around to a seating area so you can reflect on our Anzacs or just enjoy the sunshine on these beautiful Spring days.

Plant Of The Week

Lomandra confertifolia “ Misty Green”

This is a very attractive tuft with fine scrappy bright green foliage, lush all year round. In summer fragrant bright yellow flower spikes emerge from the base of the plant. Grows in full/ part shade and in well drained soils. It will grow between 300mm-500mm high and 300mm- 500mm wide, a very drought tolerant plant that is really good for borders.

Tip Of The Week

Being Springtime it’s the time to fertilise your plants and shrubs. There are a few different types of fertilisers. Dynamic Lifter is really good around the base of your more established plants/shrubs, just make sure you water it in. It’s a slow release fertiliser and should be done about once every 2 months. If you like the liquid fertiliser you can't go past Seasoil. Seasoil should be applied every 6 weeks and also make sure you keep the water up to your plants, especially if it’s been warm and windy otherwise the soil will dry out.

Til next time……..get out and enjoy the garden

David Peters