08 October 2020

Mental Health Week 2020

Mental Health Week 2020

The month of October is Mental Health Month, and this week is Mental Health Week. 

During this time, we aim to educate, spread awareness and encourage our Saint Ignatius community members to engage in activities to promote good mental health and wellbeing. We encourage thoughts and conversations to take place about how our own attitudes and understandings of mental health and wellbeing may impact our ability to seek help, and further exploration into how we can try to eliminate the stigma around mental health.

This year, we have seen many significant challenges in our lives due to the implications of COVID-19. It is more important than ever now that we look after ourselves, and those around us.

Our Student Wellbeing Team have designed a number of projects and activities that students, parents and staff can participate in over the course of the week.

All of the activities are designed to be able to be done at home. Keep an eye on your emails, Xuno and our College Facebook Page for further information.

We encourage you to be a part of something bigger, and dedicate some of your time this week to improve your health.

From the Student Wellbeing Team